Friday, June 24, 2011

My First Art Festival

All zipped up under the watch of the Coast Guard Towers
My booth is set up and tucked in for the evening.  The weather is "unsettled" but I'm optimistic - I just hope future collectors are thinking the same.  While driving home I thought back to what went into preparation and how everything progressed this evening.  I wondered if there were other professions where "co-workers" and potential competition are so willing to share tips/information to help you succeed.  They will tell you where to get the best price for materials, what tent works best, how to prepare for inclement weather, and strangers will help you put it all together.  Someone complemented me on my setup, but if given an award, the band would start playing before I could thank all the people who helped me get off on the right start.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cultivating Young Artists

Glass Flowers by Colleen
I might be biased, but my niece seems to be very perceptive for someone her age.  A couple of years back, I noticed she was good at picking out details and patterns in the world around her.  I introduced her to contour drawing (good for a few laughs) and we did some plein air sketching at the zoo.  But kids often don't have a long attention span.  She recently bought herself a camera and may have hit upon a creative outlet that can happen "instantaneously."  I've been sending her some photo challenges and I then get to see what she sees via email.  She may never take up painting, but if she does, I hope learning how to see, at a young age, gives her a head start.  Only time will tell...