Friday, November 22, 2013

Encaustic Paintings

Blue Paper and Paint 5x5
Gold and Red Geometric 5x5
I felt I had been away from updating my blog for a while, but was embarrassed to see that my last post was in July.  Work (the one that pays the bills) and class/homework has taken a bit of my time and energy, so when I get home, updating my blog isn't the highest priority. 

Copper and Apple 5x5
Japanese Maple 3x3 on Stone Tile
I have been making time to get back into Encaustic (hot wax) painting, though.  There are many aspects to the media that I love.  1) I can't fall back into my comfort zone of realistic painting 2) I have a reason rummage through my stash of gorgeous paper and 3) there is something so enticing about the depth and softeness created by the layers of wax.  My newest paintings are very simple and each has allowed me to play, but without having to commit lots of time (although it does take up a lot of space).

Speaking of space...  I downloaded Sketchup and decided to design my "dream" studio as an attachment to my house.  I started with a small footprint and added storage, shelves, easels, and some furniture so I could engage future clients.  By the time I was done, the original footprint grew to be the same size as my home.  I dream big!!