Monday, March 18, 2013

Last Fling

Three Calla Lilies
Tangerines in a Glazed Bowl

For the past few months I've enjoyed living the life of a full time artist.  But, alas, I need a traditional full time job to pay the bills.  I tried to make the most of my time while collecting unemployment and here are the paintings from my last couple of weeks.  There are lots of new paintings for this year's art festival season!

I will try to continue painting as much as I can, but spring means yard work and my new job may have a bit of a learning curve. 
Radiant Marsh

Monday, March 11, 2013

Pet Portraits

Kato on Lake Tiogue
I've done a few portraits of animals that belonged to other people and decided it was time to paint the pooches in my life.  I guess I wasn't a very good "mother" because I can't find too many photos of my first dog, Woody, who was a Jack Russell.  Probably because he wouldn't sit still long enough for a picture. 

But I did have some nice poses of Kato, my Belgian Shepherd.  He was quite handsome, a great Man Magnet, and the sweetest dog until the side effects of Phenobarbital turned him to the dark side.  His thick coat of black fur and big brown eyes made him so huggable.  He was so big it was almost like hugging a human.

I miss them both and wonder if is time to find another addition to my family.  I'll be sure to take good pictures this time.  And I'll go online to find some images that look like Woody.  Wouldn't want him to feel left out.