Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Following the Sun

Spring has not really sprung here in Rhode Island, so traveled a little south to meet it en route.  I went to Maryland for a long weekend where all the trees had leafed out, the azaleas were at peak and I didn't need to wear a jacket.  A little plein air painting and visiting with my sister was a nice boost.

Bird Houses

It has been pretty dreary since I got back, so I repainted those paintings - but not by choice!!!  I carefully arranged my car for all my wet paintings (forgot the carrier), only to have my paint box slide over them when I accelerated.  My landscapes had a bit of an abstract look, but they still had all the right color notes,  I just needed to put them back in the right places.  Here are two of my repair jobs.

The Old Man
 Can't wait to get some local plein air paintings done.  O.k. sun, I'm waiting.....